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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy – To Transform Your Business

Our Consultants will focus on how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform can play a key role in achieving streamlined processes between your business departments and the effect it will then have in increasing revenue, retaining customer loyalty and increased employee satisfaction.

Our team of Dynamics 365 Consulting Architects, Consultants, Business Analysts and Project Managers will help you and your colleagues grasp your current pain points and understand your future business aspirations. Our Dynamics 365 Consultancy team’s aim is to provide our clients a clear overview on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used within your company in order to empower your employees to meet your customers’ demands in the digital age.

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Why Should you Choose Innovative V

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Our experienced Consultants have designed and implemented 100’s of Dynamics solutions for our clients

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Applying knowledge across a multitude of verticals, we understand how businesses operate and how Dynamics 365 can enhance them.

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Our Consultants will create new, more effective business processes will be agreed and enabled within your customised setup.

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As a certified Microsoft Partner, we are familiarised with all the latest releases and platform updates.

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Our Dynamics 365 Consultancy Process

Planning phase

We will have an in-depth discussion with you to know exactly where your organisation currently is, and where you want it to be in the future.

Build phase

Once we make a plan, we take all the stress out of your hands; We understand what kind of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications work well for different types of companies, how to configure and customize them, and how to make them run seamlessly.

Implementation Phase

We will perform rigorous tests to ensure a robust architecture and then the operating system will be ready to launch. We will run user training sessions to ensure that the transition is smooth . Our priority at this point is to minimize time and maintain greater data security.

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The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Security & Compliance

Microsoft has more than 54 secure data centres worldwide under local, national and international terms and their 99.9% Guaranteed Time Service Standards Agreement (SLA).


Dynamics 365 grants licenses and assists startups in accessing enterprise-grade business application software and advertising that can be used internationally and beyond.


All Dynamics 365 applications have an impressive amount of embedded intelligence and AI functionality that is often inaccessible and inaccessible to the average company


Dynamics 365 has a REST API that is not tied to data resources or methods, meaning that REST can handle multiple types of calls, assign different data formats, and even allow configurations with thousands of other systems


Applications on the platform apply to all business operations and businesses worldwide. Low code configuration tools to keep an app tailored to your business needs, powerful and unique customizations can be drawn from the box.

What is CRM?

Whether you are the head of a small company or a multinational, customer relations can always be difficult. On the one hand, it can be complex to have a team that is squarely dedicated to sales, finding potential customers, nurturing those connections, and closing sales. While on the other side, it can also be difficult to follow up with these clients, to ensure that their case is passed from one seller toanother with all the information.

That's why CRM was invented: to improve the relationship with customers so you can focus on the rest. Because your company, whether small or large, needs customers to survive. So CRM makes it easy for you to increase sales, automate marketing, improve customer service, and even manage your projects.

By bringing all the information related to your customers together under one roof, not only will you have a good picture of the situation, but you will also have an easier time understanding your sales cycle, nurturing relationships with potential customers, and creating proposals and working with your team to bring in more money and more satisfaction from your customer.

From Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the new generation of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has arrived with a new way of working with your sales cycle (Business Process Flow): more sales cycles that are not suitable for the modern consumer. As buyers these days reach 60% of the sales cycle, you need tobe able to adapt to the situation or your potential customers will slip away.

The idea is to structure each step of the sales process with the tasks to be accomplished.

This is why this CRM is great: easy to use, with many advantages, it gives you the possibility to create a dynamic sales cycle that converts. No matter where you find your customer, they will be in your sales cycle.

Sales, project management, marketing, customer service, Dynamics CRM is here to support you at all stages to convert customers and generate more sales.

So this is all very interesting, but that doesn't sum up all the problems a company has, does it?

Combining ERP and CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365

And, while this all sounds amazing to all types of companies, what about resource planning, warehouse management, and all processes in a business? We all know that an entrepreneur's problems and puzzles don't end with the customer relationship - there is so much more.

It is therefore here that an ERP descends from the sky under a ray of sunshine and comes to solve all the problems with angels singing in the background. OK, we can probably forget about the angels, but the ray of sunshine is indeed there. ERP is another great (and almost magical) solution for your business that takes care of your company's resources. And together, CRM and ERP will solve all obstacles.

Obviously, Microsoft has integrated its own ERP, called Dynamics NAV, a powerful ERP, easy to use, and quick to deploy in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

So, from a CRM to an ERP, how does it all lead to Dynamics 365?

If I took all this time to explain CRM and ERP to you, it's because they solve very common problems, but very specific in the life of entrepreneurs. Many of you may even find yourself in a position where you need not only a CRM but an ERP as well. From customer service to warehouse management, a company has a lot to deal with and a little help is always welcome.

As you can see, they have a lot of power to make your company a manageable place. But the problem they have together is that they sometimes connect, but not at all levels.

What I mean is they work together but they might have some issues, they might need custom links and obviously they might be unable to share all the data or you allow navigation from one to another on the same interface. So if they are not combined well, they could still make your life better, but not to their maximum capacity.

Why is a CRM & an ERP in the same solution as Dynamics 365 a revolution?

So what Dynamics does is simply bring together the best Microsoft technology by combining a CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV). You will no longer need to open and close multiple apps to have everything you want because everything will be done literally in one click.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we completely eliminate this problem that we find in the integration of the majority of CRMs with an ERP.

To be honest, it's a complete solution. It includes Dynamics CRM, which you all know very well now, and Dynamics NAV, an acclaimed and well-known ERP from Microsoft. This way, it will cover all aspects of your company and you will be able to take it to the next level.

Obviously, as your industry is always changing, so is ours. So Microsoft has great news for you, as it is currently working to update Dynamics 365 to better meet your needs and further solve your problems.

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