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Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s central authentication platform for delivering security, identity and access management across device and infrastructure, for applications implemented in the cloud, on mobile, on-premises. Azure AD enables businesses to better manage user identities and to develop intelligence-based access policies.

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Azure Identity and Access Management service

Our Azure Identity and Access Management service has been created to ensure that customers implement the best possible security as they move to the cloud, and moving forward maintain that best practice.
The service starts by helping you plan and implement directory synchronisation between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, and to activate enhanced security elements within the service, such as multi-factor authentication and third-party application integration.
The services comprise three phases:
Assessment, Implementation & Management
Additional service options are available to layer on top of this base package, such as third-party cloud application integration and enhanced security features, with multi-factor authentication an example.


We recommend that key personnel from your IT team as well as management and executive level stakeholders participate in the initial part of the assessment stage, as this is where key information for your selected requirements is explained and configuration options chosen to deliver on your desired business goals and outcomes.
The assessment phase can be provided on-site or remotely, and incorporates the following:
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Once the assessment phase and any pre-requisite activities have been completed, the deployment of the selected Azure Identity and Access Management capabilities for your business begins.
The implementation project first deploys the necessary agents in a pilot scenario with key users to confirm the required configuration is working as expected, before being rolled out across all business units. A summary of the work undertaken is provided to the relevant stakeholders, detailing how the mechanics of the service work. Notification services for the overall health of the system are set up, before hand-over of the configured in-life service.


The Azure Identity and Access Management managed service is designed to help organisations maximise the benefits of their investment in identity management and directory synchronization, through the following: Advanced active monitoring and management elements keep directory synchronisation in-check and safe. Orchestrated platform maintenance, including patching and updates, keep your directory synchronisation service secure and up-to-date. Synchronisation issue troubleshooting, incorporating problem identification and remediation carried out on your behalf
24*7 reactive support, if you need to contact us or make changes.

What are the benefits of Azure Identity and Access Management solution?

By undertaking a thorough assessment of your on-premises infrastructure, we tailor your Azure Identity and Access Management deployment to meet your specific on-premises and cloud IT identity needs. We will ensure you benefit from advanced on-premises integration with Office 365, including, for example:
seamless sign-on to provide promptless access to Office 365 workloads, pass-through authentication to provide real-time authentication requests between Office 365 and your on-premises Domain Controllers, password protection to provide enhanced password protection to your on-premises Active Directory.

With workloads in Office 365, you benefit from enhanced security features, including:
multi-factor authentication to require more than just a username and password to access corporate resources, conditional access to provide granular controls on where and how corporate resources can be accessed, privileged identity management to provide ‘just in time’ administrative access, with workflow approval processes for giving administrators the right access to make the necessary changes at the right time, and, providing tight cohesion between supported third party cloud services to simplify your joiners’ and leavers’ processes.

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